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A quick glide over the message boards demonstrates that Axe and Cannon would be the "PvP" and "Fast Amount" characters of alternative, due to wreck and skills I had been seeking toawrds cannon, but i appreciated Gun better... and sice you all seemed to be inclined in direction of that way too... i'll show you what we're gong to do.

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Beware of the stragglers. Even the most very well dexed fighters overlook. Maximum strike proportion is ninety five%. Every now and then you should have a single mob or two in the vicinity of useless or maybe only 50 % dead. Be looking out for these mob and strike them down fast. You'll have had to pot a time or two by now and also you are actually managing on pot timers, you are able to’t mend, don’t operate, just strike rapid, They are really by now hurting and the final survivor, leave no survivors.

Sure, we dont have more reviving potions simply because they stopped Functioning right after lvl thirty... we are able to only revive with the medical center from the cities or by shopping for The brand new Next stage reviving potions...

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I however have to have additional votes on which sport to consider, although... i like Atlantica, nevertheless it just might be a tad also heavy for me. Nevertheless workable if that's what the crowd wishes... i could go along with Both nine Dragons or Rappelz as well

In the event you're not planning to use that timeframe, just post in this article and terminate it. It's most likely that we will have an incredibly little range of persons in fact sharing the account, so it shouldnt be intricate whatsoever...

Permit's say you have enough time to Enjoy on Fridays, throughout the afternoon, this means you appear listed here and you simply e-book that time slot for you. Now, many of the players know you may be logged on during that timeframe.

Worship: A 2 slot Edition of the equipment May well exist, but I have not confirmed it. If it will it was in all probability within the extremely start out of the sport.

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I used to be considering to advise perhaps heading with staff... remaining the healer to your own private staff, since you might have 8 other units combating in your case... but there seems to be Healing units and buffing units, so im not sure...

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The Cave of Stigma from the far northwest is a superior level dungeon that has bosses who drop degree five stat lapises. Nevertheless, it is the best spot in the game for farming L5 lapis, so is almost always crowded out. When you arrive at L58 or so, you are able to check if you will discover Room in there nevertheless.

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